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Is Tinder Down Right Now?

All of my other matches are there that I can see. This was in reference to our previous conversations of drips anime tinder pickup line not working. I'm swiping left on your boring ass i don't care how hot you are. Tested By:. I shot them but only wounded them, as they lay in agony i snapped thier picture and posted on tinder where they died a slow death from knowing they were swiped "left". We're back up!

I'm not seeing any profiles to swipe on.. About.

No problems detected at Tinder. Reinstalled the app and the issue disappeared. Is there perhaps any chance that Tinder is just randomly sending notifications for you to go to the app although noone has messaged nor matched you? Her Dattch : An app specifically for tinder wont load, bisexual, and queer women interested in dating or befriending other women. Tinder Outage Map The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:. Reinstalling the app plus VPN connection helped. Ensure you have the latest version of Tinder software update downloaded. Next...

When you log in using your Facebook account on TinderPlusPlus++, . fb details (don't worry, you won't lose your matches or conversations). Fix Tinder – 'Login Failed', 'Server Error', Connection Issue' on Android Relax and try any of the solutions to get the problem fixed. . page to load before swiping back to the main app screen, sometimes only then will it start. So you're facing problems with your Tinder account. Data is usually more stable than Wi-Fi, so it won't surprise me if this method could do the.:

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