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In Defense of Tinder in College

Home Tech news. You can use it to meet new people in your fresher year, find a study buddy or check out the competition in your rival school. Maybe they'll become your new "study buddy. At this point, it would be a real challenge to find a millennial who hasn't taken advantage of Tinder to get their mingle on. It allows students to swipe through other students from their college, or even surrounding schools. That means those attending community colleges, trade schools, for-profit or online programs may not have access to the feature. Tinder has 50 million users across the world, with over half those being between the ages of 18 and

Tinder Releases a New App Exclusively for College Students. About.

Many students acknowledge that it excludes those who cannot afford to go to a four-year university. In my opinion, the biggest con would be the potential faux pas that is bound to happen to at least a couple of you. Even if you're just in the market for platonic friends to expand your social circle, with Tinder U, tinder university, finding people with tinder university interests is a breeze. That doesn't mean that people in town are totally off-limits. The app allows students to add their. Once you do so, it will prompt you to enter your official and valid student email address one that ends in, tinder university. Tinder recently released a version of its app specifically for college students. Next...

Tinder has officially revealed the application's newest feature on Aug 21, called “ Tinder U,” which stands for Tinder University, and is essentially. Tinder U allows anyone with twliveadult.info email address to match with other students from their university. If you're wondering how to use Tinder U. Tinder University is the latest feature from Tinder so you can see other college students surrounding you. Learn all about it here.:

At this point, it would be a real challenge to find a millennial who hasn't taken advantage of Tinder to get their mingle on. Since its launch in , the first dating app to incorporate the highly-addictive swiping function has grown into a cornerstone of the online dating experience. With back-to-school around the corner, Tinder has taken their matchmaking capabilities to a whole new level by launching a feature specifically catering to college students. Tinder U allows anyone with a. If you're wondering how to use Tinder U , seriously, it couldn't be easier. Although college is often thought of as the easiest place to meet singles, many co-eds will also tell you that this isn't always the case.