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What does that mean for romantic love? The reason millennials are having less sex, according to an economist. Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy not that important, finds study. Lib Dems. Everything you need to know about Singles Day. The concept of common law marriage is actually quite recent.

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No beach shacks in Goa this tourist season. I don't want my in-laws to live with us. My husband does not sleep with me! Will your marriage be better if you and your partner are genetically compatible? Bad Boys In The Neighborhood! These word tricks are all you need, relationships news. Next...

Relationships. Show Description Polyamorous community welcomes OkCupid feature for open relationships Cable News Network. What Your Birth Experience Has to Do With Your Adult Social Life. Are adults born preterm more likely to have romantic problems? 7/12/ Browse Relationships news, research and analysis from The Conversation.:

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