Jennifer Granholm's take on 'Dating Game' video: 'That's just so wrong' -

Watch 'curvaceous' Jennifer Granholm in 1978 appearance on 'The Dating Game'

School Closings. A man from New York says he spotted a video of the TV show on the Facebook page of a friend who was one of the three male contestants vying for a date with the year-old aspiring actress from British Columbia. Macomb County man gets 36 years for criminal sexual conduct, other charges News. Enjoy the video here, as host Jim Lange opens the show saying "Let's give a hand for the cute and curvaceous Jennifer Granholm,". She had a boyfriend at the time. Granholm tweeted: "Please forgive me.

The Dating Game. About.

You must log in to post a comment, granholm dating game youtube. Jennifer Granholm appeared on "The Dating Game" in Temperatures will reach 73 degrees today and 71 on Friday. Today's Weather In Detroit Warm temperatures are in store for Detroit over the next few days, according to the seven-day forecast from drone-powered weather service Saildrone. Political operatives have long thought such a video could possibly be useful to damage Granholm during her rise. School Closings. Next...

Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game () a curvaceous and big-haired 19 year old Jennifer Granholm went viral this week on YouTube. R.I.P. Jim Lange, the original host of TV's "The Dating Game" from Back in the Filed Under:Celebrities, dating, Jennifer Granholm, tv, videos headed up state government in Michigan, she was apparently on “The Dating Game. from is making the rounds this week on Facebook, via YouTube.:

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