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Moving on and letting someone in again can be an exciting feeling, but can also be a worrying one. Let yourself sulk in your sadness, and use these lyrics to comfort yourself and know you're not alone. It's new. Edit Wiki. Written by: Friendly Fires. Website optional.

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But relationships lyrics driving me crazy!!! Madhouse Anthrax. Outro: If you could have relationships Ending with a simple hand shake Would you? SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Friendly Fires — Relationships. Next...

[Chorus: Young Thug & Future] Shinin' hard 'cause we back up. Rose gold from your neck up. You know you gon' get stopped tryna check us. Pop an X pill like. Lyrics to 'Relationships' by Friendly Fires: If you could have relationships / Written on a timetable / If you could separate yourself / Oh we do keep contemplating. Relationships Lyrics. "Yeah I know all the fellas out there, Got a girl thats real special to em. Yeah I do too Sometimes, its not as easy as it seems" You know I .:

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Yeah I do too Sometimes, its not as easy as it seems" You know I love you But your driving me crazy!!! Your hungry, your sleepy, your angry, your happy, Your cold, then your hot, then your fine, then your not.