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Chocolate assortment "Grand Candy" g. Homepage The website cardinally changes its appearance on phone, leaving only the most necessary things. Applications - Life Sciences: Characterization of 3D tissue models, investigation of biopsies, regenerative tissue and bulk materials - Material Sciences: Research and Quality Control on thin films, layered and composite materials, interconnection techniques and encapsulation of devices. It is easy to look at all information on the discounts and the saved-up points in a private office. Chocolate assortment "Merci" g.

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Frozen Seafood. Since the first version of the website was launched,, the design of the shop was constantly modernized to correspond to the extending range of goods, Your cart is empty. AM is fragmented. Collector interface To manage such a big shop it was required to set separate web interfaces and applications for operators, collectors of orders and drivers. In order to provide more detailed information, you are informed that there are two main types of cookies on the website:. Retail Sas. Next...

Our shopping marketplace at your fingertips – completely online. We offer access to great number of products (+) which creates a way to simple shopping. SASAM(Saglik-Sen Strategic Research Centre) is the first and the only strategic establishment of Health and Social Workers' Union(Saglik-Sen) which aims to. AMplatform: the European initiative to inform you about all topics related to Additive Manufacturing (AM). Cases, papers, examples and discussion.:

Follow us:. The AM-platform is a free of charge virtual central European area for all subject related to Additive Manufacturing hereafter named AM. The objective of the AM-platform is to contribute to a coherent strategy, understanding, development, dissemination and exploitation of AM. AM is fragmented. Lots of organizations are working or doing research in this area but there is no coherent strategy and several interpret the subject differently.