Yenokavan & Lastiver: Ecotourism & Extreme tourism

Lastiver Caves

Leave A Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Since the times of the Mesolithic niche in the grotto is cut through arched here — a crucial step in the human way to the top of architecture. Georgia The most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia Part 1. Ask gentbrugg about Lastiver Cave. You can book one of our unique tours here on our site. Maximum occupancy: 2. It's a bit tricky to find so GPS was very useful.

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Your Phone. Time of lastiver. Just pick the one that is the most convenient for you and soar over the forests. Junior suit. Croatia 11 Croatian Nature parks: Seaside 6. Waking up in Yenokavan with the first sunshine and making your way to the place called Lastiver will be an experience to be stamped in your memory for a lastiver. Next...

Lastiver caves are located in a picturesque gorge, drowning in lush green dense forests, in the valley of Khachaghbyur River, near the village of Yenokavan. Caves and Waterfalls of Lastiver. Lastiver is located in Tavush region. Most of Tavush, which is in the North-East of Armenia, is covered with forests and green. Where is the Lastiver? How to get there and get to know the sights of Lastiver and its surroundings. Interesting information and offers of tours.:

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