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Dating 101 for the Gluten-Free Single

At the same time, while sites like BlackPeopleMeet. Who said chivalry is dead? Based upon the information you fill out in your Singles With Food Allergies profile, you can match with someone who not only shares your allergy, but someone who matches your interests as well. Would you ever join a dating site based on your dietary needs? Way Of Life Foods A. With a pair of caring and creative founders behind the wheel and a vast amount of information to share, GlutenFreeSingles is going to continue building up the GF community and expanding the knowledge worldwide. Lauren Gordon.

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With a simple interface, dating site for gluten free, this site is easy to navigate but really does not prompt for a lot of personal information for a tell-all experience so profilers can be as vague as they wish. At least the fees are relatively low and the site is fairly active— it giving updates on the latest members as you search around the site! In-Language News. If you are going to a hotel, restaurant or bar, call ahead and make sure there is something you can eat. The site says it's open to anyone who eschews gluten:. When are we going? How About We. Next...

For many people dating can become a nightmare if they need to be Gluten-free. When you're gluten-free, dating can be even more of a challenge. Just ask Alex Deering, who turned to an Internet dating site for gluten-free. Mmhmm, that's right, if you're sick of regular old dating sites and also don't eat gluten, this site has what you need. While I imagine this is great.:

It provides a fun and safe opportunity for people living a gluten-free lifestyle to connect with others who face the same challenge. A recent study by the NPD Group found that almost one-third of Americans are avoiding gluten or have eliminated it from their diet completely. While awareness of the gluten-free lifestyle is growing, many people are finding that their level of adherence to a gluten-free diet is heavily influenced by social interactions. Researchers have found that people suffer higher rates of anxiety and fear related to following a gluten-free diet, and that it is hard for those who are gluten-free to strictly adhere to their diet in social situations. Trying to navigate dating and friendships while being gluten-free can seem impossible. Gluten intolerance and sensitivity have been proven to negatively influence social behavior in areas such as travel, work, dating, parties, group meals and sharing traditional ethnic cuisine. Maintaining this lifestyle can be a tremendous challenge for those who are gluten-free, but finding and connecting with someone who supports a gluten-free lifestyle can be even harder.