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Children begin to interact with their environment and people around them; an interest in other young children emerges. These are still emerging skills for young children. Child Development ;73 4 Children who were without friends in kindergarten were still having difficulties dealing with peers at the age of Other times, groups of youth may be negatively labeled for their characteristics or interests, creating tension and conflict between groups.

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In addition to rating scale questionnaires, relationships with peers, sociometrics are a common peer-report methodology through which members of a peer group relationships with peers those peers who match specific social descriptors e. This increased similarity among peers provides them a sense security and affirms their acceptance into their chosen peer group. On the other hand, as children -- particularly girls -- begin to navigate friendship preferences, they often have a hard time understanding that you can be friends with more than one child at a time. In so doing, they must interact with peers they would typically avoid and often discover new bases for liking them Bierman and Furman ; Isaacs An excerpt from Frost, J, relationships with peers. Next...

When children play or interact with their peers, they are learning more about social behavior. Studies show that supportive friendships are crucial to an ongoing personal relationship with God. Kids, like adults, want to belong, and faith in God is bolstered. Peer relations research examines the types and quality of social interactions among same-aged peers. Researchers typically focus their investigation on the.:

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