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The study points out that this coincides with peak travel times rush hour in this public-transport dependent city. In April , Bumble launched its own lifestyle magazine called Bumble Mag. The greatest difference in percentage terms comes in the UK according to these Tinder statistics, where male Tinder users outnumber by 25 percentage points. September 22, Things look the worst for male dating app users in New York, where the ratio stands at The study looked at the age distribution of the profiles they came across, finding a median age of With its basis in physical proximity, it dispenses with the complex algorithms utilised by other mobile dating apps and simply reduces it to the simplest level that you might find in real life: physical attraction.

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This was the case for homosexual as well as heterosexual men. Need help with using Statista for your research? Tinder Revenue and Usage Statistics In terms of Tinder, bumble user base, we see that the longest sessions are indulged in by Spanish women, who spend 43 minutes using Tinder on Sundays. Bumble user base study looks at apps other than Tinder, some of which are a lot more verbally-orientated than Tinder — though as stated above, bios are important on Tinder as well. Next...

Dating apps like Tinder, Match, and Bumble will see their user base numbers in the US increase in , but grow slower than in recent years. Bumble. Make the first move. In the summer of , Andrey Andreev contacted while Whitney's primary focus has been on building the brand, user base, and . the total user base in India, according to a survey by the homegrown . The idea, as Priti explains, is to let “Bumble users to be able to have.:

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