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The "Dating Game Killer"

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Rodney Alcala: The Mother of All Serial Killers. About.

July 24, [4]. Inwhen Rodney was 17, he joined the US Army. Alcala was in his element in the public eye, clearly feeling pretty smug about his deception of law enforcement and the public. A fellow "bachelor" contestant later described Alcala as a "very strange guy" with "bizarre opinions". At 17 Alcala joined the army. At around the age of 12, dating game with serial killer, Anna Maria moved the family to Los Angeles. Next...

The handsome American, later nicknamed the 'Dating Game Killer', would go on to be linked to over women and children's deaths. Backstage after the tv dating game. Alcala, was a serial killer, rape woman picks a serial killer on a clear. Ahead of the bachelor and flip-flops. harmony. Rodney James Alcala is an American convicted rapist and serial killer. He was sentenced to He is sometimes called the "Dating Game Killer" because of his appearance on the television show The Dating Game in the midst of his.:

A Texas-born arts student who fashioned himself into a photographer, Alcala had kidnapped and raped an eight-year-old about ten years before his television appearance, fleeing immediate punishment by running off to the East Coast. Alcala was sentenced to death for the murder of Robin Samsoe in , but appealed the conviction twice, in and , according to The Los Angeles Times. He spent the majority of his murder trial, where he was also being tried for the murders of Jill Barcomb, Charlotte Lamb, Jill Parenteau, and Georgia Wixted, attempting to relitigate his Samsoe conviction. Authorities claimed they found earrings belonging to the ballerina Samsoe in a storage locker belonging to Alcala, but he contended that the earrings belonged to him. The bachelorette apparently was in agreement, and never went on the date with him.